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[28 Aug 2006|08:54am]

Happy Birthday to Scott Hamilton!!!

Today (August 28th) is his birthday!!!

He is 48 years old young!
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Scott Hamilton breast cancer bear. [25 Aug 2006|12:05pm]

Hi! I hope you guys don't mind me posting this here. :)

I'm participating this year in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer as part of a team called "Knock Out Breast Cancer." The Avon Walk is a 2-day, 39.3 mile walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. One of the ways we raise money is with something called "Project Teddy Bear." Our team captain, Lisa, started this a few years ago, so, you may have heard about it before! Basically, we track down celebrities and get them to sign little tags that we attach to little stuffed breast cancer awareness bears and auction off. When possible, we also take a picture of the celebrity with a bear and include a print of the picture in the auction

The auction for Scott Hamilton's autograph with a bear and photo is live now... along with a bunch of others! You can check them all out here: http://www.lisawalks.com/ptb2006

Good luck!
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New Moderator [18 Jun 2006|08:04pm]

Hello to anyone reading this!

This is prince110402

I am the same person as lugrid, Prince is my pug.

I am no longer writing in my lugrid LJ, so I am making my dog's LJ the new moderator.

So....same person just different name :o)
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HUH? [15 Mar 2006|03:56pm]

Somehow (don't ask me how) someone got my email address and sent me a email asking me to forward it to Scott Hamilton.


I have a Scott Hamilton web page, maybe that's where they got my email address from, I don't know.

It's been so long since I've looked at my Scott page, I can't even remember the addy for it. Hmmm....gotta think about that one for a little bit.

Edit: 3 minutes after posting this I found the addy (after doing a google search). If you're interested it is: http://www.angelfire.com/tv/scotthamilton/ - but warning, it's not to good of a page. I haven't updated it in 2 years and the first picture you see isn't very clear.
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Articles - not so good, I'm afraid [20 Jan 2006|03:15am]

'Skating with Celebrities' Scott Hamilton may lose Olympic job
--> source <--
Olympic champion Scott Hamilton's new gig on Fox TV's "Skating with Celebrities" could cost him an Olympic broadcasting spot on NBC. "Skating with the Stars" debuts Jan. 18 and the reality contest runs into NBC's Winter Olympics coverage, the New York Daily News notes. That means Hamilton could be competing with himself in the same time slot on the networks Feb. 13, the newspaper said. Although NBC has yet to announce its broadcast lineup for Olympics coverage, officials are reportedly uncomfortable with having the popular figure skater pulling double duty, the newspaper said.

There's also a review of Skating with Celebrities here, and what they have to say about Scott is not particularly nice: "Similarly, onetime skater Scott Hamilton appears to have been shot full of happy gas, carrying on as if he were chasing little Frodo toward Mordor. "Wow! Amazing!" is his comment to nearly every routine, proving that having writers credited on reality shows doesn't necessarily make them any less inane."
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Skating with Celebrities [19 Jan 2006|06:02pm]

I didn't know until last night that Scott was hosting the new figure skating show on Fox! It premiered after American Idol and we were watching because we knew Kurt was gonna be there. Imagine my happy shock when they announced Scott as a co-host! Hurrah!
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(Found on Stars On Ice's Web page) [02 Jan 2006|11:04am]

Smucker's Stars on Ice is pleased to announce that it has created a syndicated TV special that will air in markets across the United States over the coming months. The 60-minute special, which is hosted by tour producer Scott Hamilton, will preview the 20th Anniversary Smucker's Stars on Ice tour and include exclusive interviews with the cast. Scott will also reveal his "Top Five Great Skates" from the first 19 years.

Confirmed air dates are below. Check back often for the announcements of new air dates in your area. All times are local.

Click Here to see the air dates.
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Scott and son (with Todd Sand and son) [06 Nov 2005|04:25pm]

Doesn't he look just like his daddy???
Look at those cheeks!!!

(sorry for it being so small - it got blurry when I tried to blow it up)
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Scott Hamilton & family at a gym [01 Oct 2005|06:16pm]


The way this web page is set up I couldn't copy and paste - so you gotta go to the link. They have a couple adorable pictures of Scott and his family.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! [28 Aug 2005|08:44pm]


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Official Web Page? [14 Aug 2005|06:18pm]

Does anyone know of a Official web page for Scott? I've been looking but I can't find one.
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[12 Jul 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | Happy ]

I normally just lurk in/around LJ communities, but I was so shocked that the community for the greatest skater who ever lived--and one of my favorite people ever--only had one member, that I had to join. So...howdy!

I've been a fan of Scott's since before I can remember. Both of my parents were big figure skating fans, so I grew up watching it, and Scott was always my favorite. One of my earliest memories ever is his return to the ice after he had his cancer. I was nine, and when he did his backflip, it was the first time in my life I was ever so happy I cried. (I believe the second time was when I got to see him live on his last Stars on Ice tour for my birthday.)

So yeah, that's me... :)

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Scott receives positive results from radiation treatment! [08 May 2005|12:31am]

[ mood | relieved ]

Last year, after several months of fatigue, headaches and vision problems, Olympic Champion and figure skating icon Scott Hamilton had an MRI scan of the brain that showed a tumor near his pituitary gland and optic nerves. As a result, a high precision biopsy was performed November 11, 2004 and found the tumor to be a craniopharyngioma - a benign, slow growing tumor typically found in children and some adults. In this case the tumor had both a solid and cystic (fluid filled) component.

As conventional surgery had high risk and other options of limited benefit, Hamilton decided to treat the tumor with the Gamma Knife - a minimally invasive surgical device that focuses up to 201 beams of high energy radiation on the tumor. The Gamma Knife treatment was performed at the Cleveland Clinic Gamma Knife Center on December 13, 2004 by Drs. Gene Barnett and John Suh. Hamilton also began medications to correct his under active pituitary gland.

Hamilton has since undergone two MRI scans. The first, conducted on February 17, 2005, showed that the solid component had been killed by the Gamma Knife while the cyst remained stable in size. On his second scan, conducted April 25th, 2005, the tumor had shrunk by more than ten percent and the brain tissue next to the tumor had returned to a more normal appearance. “Scott feels that his vision has improved and tells us that he is back to full activity. We are delighted with his progress and will continue to monitor his tumor with MRI scans," said Doctor Gene Barnett.

It was at the Cleveland Clinic where Hamilton was officially diagnosed and successfully treated for testicular cancer in March of 1997 and returned to skating in October of that same year. He is a four-time U.S. National Champion, four-time World Champion and Olympic Champion who, when not producing television specials or his annual U.S. touring show Smucker’s Stars on Ice which begins its 20th Anniversary touring season in January, 2006, he dedicates his time to many worthwhile causes including Target House at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, his own cancer foundation The Scott Hamilton CARES (Cancer Alliance for Research, Education and Survivorship) Initiative at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Center, Special Olympics, and speaking around the country about cancer and survivorship to oncology groups and cancer patients.

(Found on www.starsonice.com web page)

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Scott Hamilton is now a brother in Christ! [17 Apr 2005|01:46pm]

Church helps Olympic skater face health crisis

By Erik Tryggestad
The Christian Chronicle
March 22, 2005

Gold medalist Scott Hamilton praises church family for prayers and support

When Scott Hamilton fought cancer in the mid-1990s, it was his mantra: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
That remains true today as the World Figure Skating Hall of Famer undergoes treatment for a brain tumor.

In November 2004 Hamilton, 46, was diagnosed with craniopharyngioma, a slow-growing, non-cancerous brain tumor.

On Dec. 5 he was baptized at the University church, Malibu, Calif.

“That day I felt so light, felt so loved, so free. It was beautiful,” Hamilton told the Chronicle March 18.

“This episode of my life kind of focused my spirituality, made me understand it a little more clearly,” he said.

“I just felt it was time.”

Minister Ken Durham baptized the Olympic gold medalist nearly two years after performing his wedding. Hamilton’s wife, Tracie, has been a member of the church, on the campus of Pepperdine University, for about five years, Durham said. The couple has an 18-month old son, Aiden.

“He and Tracie are a very ‘normal’ part of our church family, often among the last ones to leave on Sunday after worship,” Durham said.

When he first told his wife about the tumor, “the first thing she did was bow her head and pray,” Hamilton said.

The prayers haven’t stopped, and the couple’s Bible study group hosted a prayer session before a recent doctor visit.

“The church family is incredible with their support,” he said. “They’ve been phenomenal.”

Hamilton began training for national skating competitions at age 13, and capped his career with a gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

His high-energy performances added a sense of athleticism to men’s figure skating.

Frustrated with the lack of commercial opportunities for male figure skaters, he created his own professional ice revue, later named Stars on Ice.

On March 18, 1997, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but told reporters that he was “100 percent confident that I can overcome this disease.”

After 12 weeks of chemotherapy and six weeks of recuperation, Hamilton returned to the ice.

He became a spokesman for Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center and founded the initiative Scott Hamilton CARES (Cancer Alliance for Research, Education and Survivorship).

In his latest medical battle, Hamilton underwent Gamma Knife treatment, a non-invasive radiosurgery, at the Cleveland Clinic. After a follow-up visit Feb. 17, neurosurgeon Dr. Gene Barnett said that the tumor has responded favorably to the treatment, according to a news release from Stars on Ice.

Hamilton will return to Cleveland for a follow-up visit in April.

“Scott has a wondrously hopeful and positive spirit (and) is a truly courageous man of faith,” Durham said March 16.

“We’re as inspired by his devotion as a Christian husband and father … as by his Olympic heroics,” Durham said. “That’s the Scott we know.”

Found at: The Christian Chronicle
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Correction! [01 Mar 2005|09:05pm]

Scott Hamilton wasn't on Entertainment tonight, tonight. It's going to be tomorrow night instead.
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Scott on Entertainment Tonight [26 Feb 2005|12:14pm]

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, March 1 to see ET's host Mary Hart conduct a sit-down interview with Scott Hamilton and his wife, Tracie and son, Aidan to discuss Scott's career, health and family.
Check your local listings for details.
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Scott in People Magazine! [26 Feb 2005|12:13pm]

Here is the picture of Scott and his family (aren't they cute)!!!

So that nobody will get upset with me, this picture was found in the March 7, 2005 edition of People Magazine on page 88 (the article starts on page 87).

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Welcome!!! [30 Aug 2004|05:36pm]

Hi and WELCOME to the new LJ for SCOTT HAMILTON fans!!!
This LJ was created on 8-30-04!
I hope to see fellow Scott fans here soon!!!
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